As soon as you walked in to this room, you are the surgeon. You participate in the dissection and observation of my brain. You wield the scalpel. You can view my sins and virtues in plain sight.

Surgery requires precision. Do not hesitate when you see all of my ideals and projects from the Computer Science AP self-study to the ZeroZaku forum development. Do not fear to dive further into my thoughts and unveil my secret JavaScript gaming framework or development network.

This brain is not archaic. My brain is only seventeen, so be vigorous, be forceful, and cut deeper. My brain can handle the strain of technological scalpel from Generation Z.

Do not forget why you are here: observe this brain as a symbol of Generation Z's ingenuity, innovation, and inspiration toward programming and design; however, this isn't the first time that my brain has been observed.

Before, this brain was observed for C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and many other programming languages but learning once is insufficient. Learning thrice is the new educational paradigm for these topics: exploration, interpretation, and application.

Third time's the charm.

That's right. This is the third time that my brain will be observed for a few of these topics. Many new topics, however, like Git, Flask, and C++0x are also waiting to be dissected and observed.

Code blue. This brain is having an epiphany; we must resuscitate and resume the operation later. In the meantime, please take a look around; perhaps my brain is an interesting place for you.