All idea people have big ideas that will revolutionize the world. So let's implement it. Wait, you don't know how to program? You don't know about SEO? You've never written an e-mail? Not everyone has a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard but everyone has ideas.

It's okay. As the idea person, you only have one responsibility that you need to be good at: leadership.

This post is about my experiences with leaders, their leadership skills, and their awesome teams that make successful websites such as Elidiun. Websites like this are made by non-accredited artists, designers, and developers that yearn to engage in big projects. As a future successful website owner, you need to know how to attract these people to your project.

It's Time to Assemble the Team

This is the pons asinorum for all leaders. Assembling the A-Team can be the most difficult part for some people because leader is not inspiring or the idea is not be interesting.

My friend Brett contacts many coders and designers daily to work on his life-long dream for an avatar forum; unfortunately, he isn't very good at coercion. A good leader must be persuasive so that the the idea is interesting. If the the pitch doesn't make your hands sweat and doesn't have the righteous vigor of a tank rolling over a tree at dawn, then your leader or your idea isn't interesting enough to follow.

The pitch makes or breaks the leader.

Getting the Right People for the Right Job

Good leaders just can't have anyone from the street on their team. They need the right people. They need diverse people.

"If we all reacted the same way, we'd be predictable, and there's always more than one way to view a situation. What's true for the group is also true for the individual. It's simple: overspecialize, and you breed in weakness. It's slow death." - Major Kusanagi from Ghost In the Shell

We can't just have ten programmers work on a website. Who's going to design it? The coders? Please tell me that someone at least knows grid theory.

Getting team members isn't enough. Good teams must be diverse.

Assume that we're going to build a successful website here, better yet, a successful social network. We're going to need some developers and designers. We might even need a typographer and a content writer. Let's break down the process:

  1. Create a list of each specialist you'll need.
  2. Determine your role if you can do more than lead.
  3. Find people that fit your descriptions.
  4. Coerce them to join your team.

It's easier said than done. At ZeroZaku, we've acquired our third developer after a year and a half. Good developers are hard to find because many of them are busy but new developers can also be an investment.

Veterans or New Kids?

Here's how I see it: veterans are difficult to find but are definitely worth the wait; new kids can sometimes demonstrate potential but are much easier to get engaged, especially with new leaders. Strategically speaking, I would take at least one veteran for a said specialization and have them train new kids as long as they demonstrate loyalty and determination.

Some People Just Don't Like You

After a while, you may begin to notice some similar characteristics among people that are willing and unwilling to join your conquest for success. Some people just don't want to get involved in anything. Some are too skeptical. Some want more than they deserve.

Just move on. You can't catch 'em all. Come back to reality now.

You're Just Not a Natural Leader

Strong leaders are built through a series of failures and difficult decisions. Some people just aren't suited to the task known as politics. Maybe you just don't want to be called a fascist pig by your own countrymen. There's nothing wrong with following someone else and becoming indispensable asset. Great team members are valued much more than an interchangeable leader after all.

This was true for me when I was the forum administrator for ZeroZaku. At the dawn of the first major trolling incident, I couldn't gather the strength to ban the troll myself and left the forum in a state of civil war for nearly two weeks. Fortunately, my global moderator took the initiative and banned troll. I later promoted her to forum administrator and demoted myself to lead developer because it's really what I love to do best.

Haven't Had a Change of Heart Yet?

Good. You are now the alpha wolf and your wolf pack will seek strength and guidance from you to guide them through the harsh Winters.