I usually take extra annotations over my school notes and homework including C/C++ algorithms and Git branching models that relate to academic models such as anatomical systems and their communication routes but I also do the occasional sketching once in a while. It was never my strong suit but these were sketched drafts for a drawing-research project on the Yiguirro.

Above and Behind the Yiguirro

Above and behind

This was one of the easier sketches because the angle was really easy to work with. As you may already know, I'm horrible at highlights and shadows but I'll work at it.

Below and in Front of the Yiguirro

Below and front

The second sketch was a little fat because the entire frontal perspective captured its naked underside. It required a lot of shadows to highlight the curvature of the belly and ribs to the wings but I got it to work somehow.


Regarding shadows, I'm not making anymore hooks at the ends of my strokes but I'm still having trouble with perceiving the highlights and shadows. The structure and proportion are becoming easier with or without references but I don't think I'll be creating anything from scratch soon.

It's not one of my favorite hobbies but I do like to see that I'm making progress with my sketches.